Vinícius Lanza

UX Designer - United Kingdom

Design professional with experience in offline and online materials.
In recent years I have developped digital products focused on the user experience.


UX Work


Vinícius Lanza is a Brazilian designer, who moved to London in 2020.

Recently worked at IBM as a Design Consultant, where was responsible for leading the project's communication with Itaú, developing all visual identity, communication, and training to implement an agile culture in the bank.

During my 4 years at IBM, I worked in pre-sales creating deliverables such as websites, apps, presentations, and storytelling that supported the sales team in the high-level sales process. Participating in several successful cases, with deals closed in several companies: Mercedes, Itaú, Pearson, Corinthians, and Bradesco.

Also volunteer at NHL Brasil, producing and hosting the IceCast, the first hockey podcast in Brazil.

"My next work must be better than the last one, that way I am Always growing as a person and professional."