Accelerate Branding

Create all branding and communications for this new project that helped Itaú Bank to change to an Agile environment.

I use a rocket that shows a mix of technology and velocity that the client requires to speed up that transformation.

All the collateral material was created, logos, banners, email templates, videos, and presentations.

Agile CoE Latin America

The challenge here was creating a logo for the new IBM center of Competence in Latin America, that englobes all 3 IBM frameworks.

After many studies, I was satisfied with the final result, where I could combine the symbols and colors of 3 of them.

Amil & IBM Kenexa Microsite

This was one of my first IBM projects, I was responsible for creating a website where IBM could sell the Kenexa solution to Amil, a big healthy company in Brazil.

The result was a success in the way IBM engages with its clients and presents solutions, helping them to understand how the technology works compellingly.

IceCast - NHL Brasil Podcast

A new logo for the rebranded NHL Brasil podcast, I minimalize the details here, create a new whole color palette to create a closer connection between our audience.

Also, revamp the presentation and edition of the show which I am hoster and produce. Find more on and on Spotify to listen to the show.

Focused Programs ISE

Here, I created the printed version of the brochure to help the school engaging with new students.

I was also responsible for the website and marketing campaigns working closely with the program directors and teachers.

Itaú To-be Map

Another IBM project, this was a project to help Itaú understand how Watson could automate the OfĂ­cio service, reducing in more than 70% the time of an end to end process.

I choose an illustration to show the step by step of how it would work.

NHL Brasil 10 years Logo

Create a new logo to celebrate the 10th anniversary year of NHL Brasil. Our community is a passionate one who is responsible for sharing opinions and news about the National Hockey League.

I used the Brazilian flag green and took only the circle logo to integrate it with the number 10.

Also, to celebrate it was launched a 2019-20 season guide which I designed and you can see here.

Avaya Evolutions

On early 2010, Evolutions was a huge communications events in Latin America, I was responsible of all graphic and online pieces for the event in Brazil, below you can see some of them.

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