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NHL Brasil Mobile application

This project was developed to help Brazilian hockey fans to find
all portuguese information in on place.

Project Overview

Since hockey growing marketing, many Brazilians fans still depend on international insiders to get News from their teams.
Since Brazil already have at least 4 major Portuguese websites with social media accounts we starting to study
if it was necessary to create one place where fans can found all this information.


We use our social media and website users to conduct interviews, we collect answers from 351 hockey fans. I found out that 65% of our audience is men aged from 25 to 35, and 35% is women from 18 to 27.

Customer Insights

After analysing the interviews, this was the most relevant information for
decision-making in creating the solution:


of the fans consume information of 2 or more teams.


of the fans uses some mobile app to see information about those teams.


of the fans search for News in social media apps.

Persona and Journey Map

I synthesized my personas from observations, research, and stakeholder interviews.
To create a thorough persona I normally include social needs, desires, goals, habits, expertise, cultural background, and motivations. Following that, I can map what is the road our user will follow to enjoy our app.


The main point of the scenario flow is to ensure that the functionality is always visible to the user. I use scenarios as a description of a persona using a product to achieve a goal.

Low-Fidelity Prototype

I use low fidelity prototype to see how our users react and interact with the product before produce some good Design and have to rework.

User Interface

Colors and Typography

For the colors, I used the NHL Brasil official green and also a dark green that remember us of the Brazilian Flag. Also, as many of our users like to read on the screen, I choose the Helvetica Neue type Family to help for long hours of Reading.

What I've

It's not easy to create a product when the massive content is in another language, also to try to achieve a large range of age in one product.

What I would have done differently it separated more groups and try to focus on each one of them.

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